The problem with performing image diagnosis and radiotherapy of tumors arising in organs affected by respiratory motion such as the lungs and liver is that the position of the tumor moves due to the patient’s breathing during imaging or radiotherapy. >Click here for detailed features 
It has been a quarter of a century since the world’s first respiratory gating system was developed in collaboration with Tsukuba University Hospital in 1987. In the years since, Anzai Medical has perfected our Respiratory Gating System AZ-733VI. >Click here for detailed features 
  • ・Respiratory sensor that can be used according to modality ・Reduction latency of outputting gate signal
  • ・Excellent cost performance・Multiple sensors can be used to acquire the respiratory signal・Able to output gate signal synchronous with both electrocardiogram and respiration
  • ・Simple waveform adjustment・Absolute value display of respiratory motion・Complete file management
  • ・Additional of new gate output mode・Additional of breath monitor
  • ・Stop the gate signal in case of emergency・Abnormal breath detection

More than 2000 units of Anzai Medical’s respiratory gating system have been shipped to all over the world, and have been used without any serious adverse events. Currently, it can be used in combination with the radiotherapy equipment and image diagnostic equipment of the following companies.

・Siemens Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Siemens Healthcare Gmbh) ・Canon Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
・Siemens Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Head office: Siemens Healthcare Gmbh) ・Canon Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
Linear Accelerator
・Siemens Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Head office: Siemens Healthcare Gmbh) ・Mitsubishi Electric Corporation ・Elekta Corporation (Headquarters: ELEKTA AB)
Particle Therapy
・IBA ・Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. ・Toshiba Energy Systems Co., Ltd. ・Hitachi, Ltd. ・Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Dr. Takashi Ogino Director, International Proton Therapy Center Connection Device: Proton therapy device (Mitsubishi Electric) Purpose of use: Respiratory gated irradiation of lung and liver tumors