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Company Name Anzai Medical Co., Ltd.
Company Address Head Office:
3-6-25 Nishi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0033
Technical Headquarters (Manufacturer):
3-9-15 Nishi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0033
TEL +81(0)3-3779-1611
FAX +81(0)3-3779-6606
Establishment November 21st, 1976
Capital 50 million yen
Employee 28
Business content Medical device development/sales/services/Medical device import&export
Business Permit First-class medical device manufacturing and sales
Medical device manufacturing industry
Highly managed medical equipment sales
First-class pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales business
Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry
Pharmaceutical wholesale general sales business
Main Client Government hospitals, university hospitals, general hospitals, medical device manufacturers, drug distributors
Main Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd. , Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, The Johnan Shinkin Bank , The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd.

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November 1976 Anzai Sogyo Co., Ltd. established
April 1979 Developed "133Xe gas control system" [Japan's First]
May 1982 Developed "Tc dispenser" for 99mTc labeling [Japan's First]
April 1983 Established Anzai Medical Co., Ltd. Developed "Cold xenon gas inhaler" for X-ray CT [Japan's First]
October 1983 Developed "Radioactive Nebulizer" [Japan's First]
April 1984 Developed "Cardiac Phantom" [Japan's First]
October 1984 Developed "Positron gas inhaler" [Japan's First]
October 1985 Developed "RI automatic dispensing device" [World's first]
March 1986 Developed "Positron gas concentration stable supply device" [Japan's First]
March 1987 Developed "Breathing phase synchronization system" [World's first]
April 1987 Started exporting "Cold Xenon Gas Inhaler" to SIEMENS, West Germany
September 1991 Developed "CBF image processing system"
October 1991 Non-radioactive xenon drug: New drug approval [Japan's First]
April 1992 Same as above, listed on the drug price standard. Medical fee for Xe CT/CBF inspection is included
October 1996 Non-Radioactive Xenon "Zenon Cold" Pharmaceuticals: Import Certificate Acquired [Japan's First]
November 1996 Obtained license for pharmaceutical import and sales business
December 1996 Listed in non-radioactive xenon "Zenon Cold" drug price standard
October 1997 Anzai Sogyo Co., Ltd. merged with Anzai Medical Co., Ltd. Established new company "Anzai Medical Co., Ltd."
March 1998 Developed "Simple type internal radioactivity measuring device (S.I.M)"
January 2001 Developed "Ultra-small semiconductor gamma counter (AZ-CA256)" [Japan's First]
April 2002 Acquired "ISO9001:2000" certification
January 2003 Acquired CE mark certification for "eZ-SCOPE Gamma Camera System" (Annex II, Directive93/42/EEC)
April 2003 Respiratory Gating System AZ-733V (for diagnostic imaging equipment) certification acquired
September 2003 Developed "Thyroid uptake rate measuring device (using semiconductor detector)"
June 2004 Acquired "ISO13485:2003" certification
January 2006 Developed "Emission CT device small gamma camera (eZ-SCOPE AN)" and acquired medical device manufacturing and sales certification [Japan's first]
December 2007 Acquired medical device manufacturing and sales certification for "X-ray diagnostic imaging device workstation: xenon CT/CBF image processing and analysis device AZ-7000 Pro"
July 2009 Respiratory Gating System AZ-733V (for radiation therapy equipment) certification acquired [Japan's first radiation therapy equipment]
July 2014 Respiratory Gating System AZ-733VI manufacturing and sales certification
March 2016 Acquired USA/EU medical device sales certification for respiratory stabilization monitor "ABLE"
August 2019 Acquired "ISO 13485:2016" certification
October 2019 MDSAP certification